j) Creating the perfect sponsorship proposal

Creating a great and easily accessible Sponsorship Proposal is imperative for members to be able to approach potential sponsors on behalf of your club.  Once you have created your sponsorship proposal document, save it to the club website so that members can easily access it at any time and it can be constantly referred to in club communication such as email newsletters, social media and even other pages of the website.
It is important that everybody talking to potential sponsors understands the examples and information contained in any sponsorship proposal are simply a guide and a starting point for discussions.

The proposal should be professional and contain the following:

  • Photos and Contact Details
  • Club Background and History
  • Membership, numbers and details
  • Audience and the ability for the club to communicate with these groups.
  • Traditional and Social media details and audience numbers
  • The Players
  • Social and Fundraising events
  • Future plans and goals
  • President’s Message
  • Sponsorship options.  (For example Gold, Silver, Bronze etc)

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Using Video to Enhance Your Sponsorship Proposal

With today’s technology it is now very easy to create simple but high quality videos by using a smart phone.  Video is an extremely engaging and emotive form of communication and a very effective way to invite new sponsors to your club.

Why not put together a video that highlights your club, its benefits, shows what the funds will be used for and most importantly includes a personal invitation to become part of the club.

Videos begin to create personal relationships and in terms of sponsorship proposals could include players as well as your committee or president. You may wish to talk to sponsors about your club, how the sponsorship would benefit both your club and the potential sponsor and what could be included

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in the partnership. This then becomes a dynamic way to engage companies and generally stands out above other groups also seeking sponsorship.

The Importance of Documenting Your Sponsorship Agreement

It is important to document your sponsorship agreement clearly which is to the benefit of both your club and the new sponsor. By documenting the agreement both parties are clear about their responsibilities and it makes it easier for clubs to fulfill their promises.

Examples of great sponsorship proposals:

Three really good examples of sponsorship proposals are:

Northern Blues FC                    Mornington Football Netball Club    Beaconsfield Netball Club

Each of the three sponsorship proposals has been presented differently.  The Northern Blues Football Club has some games televised so has structured its sponsorship accordingly.  The Mornington Football Club’s proposal is an extensive and comprehensive document while Beaconsfield Netball Club have gone with a very simple and effective one page (plus a nice cover page) document.

As you can see, each club has created very professional looking documents which can be easily made by using Microsoft Word, Microsoft Publisher or any other similar program.

While each sponsorship proposal is very different they each have four important components:

  • Club background and history
  • The size of the clubs audience and reach
  • Sponsorship alternatives
  • Partnership Agreements

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