The Best (and Worst) Free Apps To Add Text To Photos

If your Instagram feed is anything like mine it’s full of incredible semi-pro photographers with great taste in furniture, people who somehow always have a brunch budget, and of course dog picts (which obviously there can never be enough of). Another thing you’ll notice if your Instagram feed is anything like mine is an abundance of motivational quotes on top of sunset photos. Instagram philosophers and Pinterest motivational coaches can be helpful – sometimes I really do need to be reminded of this undeniable fact:

If you want to start making your own inspirational Instagram posts, we tried out a few of the free apps available to save you some time.


Quick was the first app I tried out and with a solid rating I was optimistic. The app boasted 16 free fonts and after sizing my image and picking a quote from our very own Sue Bryce, I started sliding between them to select the perfect one. The first thing I noticed, being the social media expert that I am, is the rather sixable logo that I could only remove if I paid for the app. Overall the fonts were great, it was easy to navigate between them to see which fit the quote/image, and making basic adjustments to like placement and color was simple.

Rating: 4 out 5


Upon first opening I was really impressed with Photo-Lettering. It gives the option to snap a photo vs only uploading a saved image AND it allows you to select your size. While I was confined to a square in Quick, in Photo-Lettering I wasn’t pigeonholed.

My excitement was short-lived though once I got into the meat of the process. Sure, with Photo-Lettering the annoying logo isn’t automatically in the photo. Sure, you can change the text color easily and even the opacity of said text color. But you know what’s disappointing? The app itself only offers 4 font styles. Sure there are tons of others that I could purchase but even those

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weren’t very contemporary. That being said, it was great to not have a pesky logo in the frame.

Rating: 3 out of 5

After Photos

No logo! Lots of free fonts! Easy to use! This might be the holy grail of apps for inspirational Instagram posts…

Rating: 5 out of 5! Perfect!


First things first: This app gives you the option of using a single photo OR a collage so you’ve got extra options here. That being said this app was reminiscent of Quick – there’s still a logo but to counter that negative there’s a TON of great fonts to pick from. In fact, PicLab had the best variety of on trend fonts I saw during my test (and removing the watermark will only cost you $1).

Rating:4 out of 4=5


I hate this app. Not only where there very few font choices, but also when I’d tap one of the words it would randomly change color. I wasn’t expecting this and it wasn’t a good time. Coupled with the fact there’s also an obnoxious logo, this app was not worthy of the Sue Bryce nugget of wisdom I used because it did not in fact give me whatever I wanted.

Rating: 1 out of 5. 0 if I could.

Font Candy

After the frustration and disappointment that was InstaQuote, I was cautiously optimistic about Font Candy. While there were the same old annoyances I’d learned to live with through this exercise (so many ads for video games I’d never heard of), the app itself was easy to use. The logo was discreet enough in the image I chose that it’s hardly noticeable, and there were some fonts to chose from that fit the mood of my inspirational Sue Bryce quote perfectly. Solid app, would totally use again.

Rating: 4 out of 5

Not all free apps are created equally, but most are pretty great at getting your message across. Find one that offers font styles that fit your taste, then go forth and ‘gram!

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