Laboratory Manual for Hole�s Human Anatomy and Physiology - by Terry R. Martin

A perfect coorelation between textbook and lab manual.
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Laboratory Manual for Hole�s Human Anatomy and Physiology Eighth Edition
by Terry R. Martin, Kishwaukee College

Thoroughly revised and designed to accompany Hole�s Human Anatomy and Physiology, this laboratory manual provides increased emphasis on safety and includes several changes that make it more user-friendly.

Features � New to the eighth edition

  • Many new illustrations have been added or improved for clarity.
  • A "Materials Needed" section is located at the beginning of each laboratory exercise to enable greater ease in laboratory preparations.
  • A section entitled "Study Skills for Anatomy and Physiology" is located in the front material, and was written by students in a human anatomy and physiology course.
  • Appropriate labs are correlated to the Virtual Physiology Lab CD-ROM.


Fundamentals of Human Anatomy and Physiology 1  Body Organization and Terminology 2  Care and Use of the Compound Microscope Cells 3  Cellular Structure 4  Movements Through Cell Membranes 5  The Cell Cycle Tissues 6  Epithelial Tissues 7  Connective Tissues 8  Muscle and Nervous Tissues Integumentary System 9  Integumentary System Skeletal System 10  Structure and Classification of Bone 11  Organization of the Skeleton 12  The Skull 13  Vertebral Column and Thoracic Cage 14  Pectoral Girdle and Upper Limb 15  Pelvic Girdle and Lower Limb 16  The Joints Muscular System 17  Skeletal Muscle Structure 18  Demonstration of Physiological Recording Equipment 19  Skeletal Muscle Contraction 20  Muscles of the Face, Head and Neck 21  Muscles of the Chest, Shoulder, and Upper Limb 22  Muscles of the Deep Back, Abdominal Wall, and Pelvic Outlet 23  Muscles of the Hip and Lower Limb 24  Cat Dissection: Musculature Nervous System 25  Nervous Tissue

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and Nerves 26  Nerve Impulse Stimulation 27  The Meninges and Spinal Cord 28  The Reflex Arc and Reflexes 29  The Brain and Cranial Nerves 30  Dissection of the Sheep Brain Somatic and Special Senses 31  Receptors and Somatic Senses 32  Senses of Smell and Taste 33  The Ear and Hearing 34  Sense of Equilibrium 35  The Eye 36  Visual Tests and Demonstrations Endocrine System 37  Endocrine System Cardiovascular System 38  Blood Cells 39  Blood Testing�A Demonstration 40  Blood Typing 41  Structure of the Heart 42  The Cardiac Cycle 43  Factors Affecting the Cardiac Cycle 44  Blood Vessels 45  Pulse Rate and Blood Pressure 46  Major Arteries and Veins 47  Cat Dissection: Cardiovascular System Lymphatic System 48  Lymphatic System Digestive System 49  Organs of the Digestive System 50  Cat Dissection: Digestive System 51  Action of a Digestive Enzyme Respiratory System 52  Organs of the Respiratory System 53  Cat Dissection: Respiratory System 54  Breathing and Respiratory Volumes and Capacities 55  Control of Breathing Urinary System 56  Structure of the Kidney 57  Urinalysis 58  Cat Dissection: Urinary System Reproductive Systems and Development 59  Male Reproductive System 60  Female Reproductive System 61  Cat Dissection: Reproductive Systems 62  Fertilization and Early Development

Appendixes 1  Preparation of Solutions 2  Assessments of Laboratory Reports

1999�499 pages�wire coil ISBN 0-697-34217-4

Supplement: Instructor�s Manual

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