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Chemical Engineering Personal Statement

Years ago I would never have given a second thought to the production of chocolate bars. I now realise the extensive work involved in creating everyday products ranging from motor car fuel to soap and to energy drinks, all made possible due to chemical engineering. The broad range of industries involved in chemical manufacture is very appealing, many of which I first heard of at a university open day, where two particular presentations caught my eye. First was the idea of carbon-capture and storage, because of the difficulties underlying the basic premise; I would never have guessed there were so many processes undertaken to simply bury carbon dioxide under the earth's surface. Secondly, the usage of computers to model processes fascinates me, as computing is a hobby of mine. Watching a series of university lecture videos on the Internet has introduced me to several other areas in the field, such as the usage of an apheresis machine and the manufacture of products like high fructose corn syrup in glucose isomerase plants.

Engineering is a discipline that relies heavily on problem solving. The prospect of tackling questions affecting the world at large is a plus; being able to do so with creativity is a bonus. The need for intelligent reasoning in order to decide on a solution to each engineering problem attracts me to this subject. I also like the thought of working in a team, devising methods of achieving goals such as increasing the yield of certain reactions, for example. The refinement aspect of the subject is very appealing and as a result I would like to work as a process development scientist after university.

A chemical engineering course would enable me to study Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry, three subjects I'm passionate about, at a higher level. I have a great interest in the chemical reactions and chain structures in organic chemistry, especially isomerism, because of the way small changes in the shape of molecules and the elements present can cause large differences in chemical and physical activity respectfully. Both maths and physics test my ability to apply knowledge

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to problems the solutions to which cannot be simply memorised, and for this reason I am particularly fond of mechanics.

Computing is another subject I have enjoyed. I have taught myself HTML and CSS, which are internet mark-up and style-sheet languages respectively. A week of work experience in an IT company required me to set up a Linux machine complete with web server and content management system, along with general computer maintenance work. All these tasks have been instrumental in developing my ability to self-teach.

My experiences outside of studies have helped me develop socially, which I think is important in today's workplace. Having lived in several countries and interacting with people of different nationalities has widened my cultural horizons and made me able to see things from other peoples' points of view. This, as well as at least basic knowledge of several languages such as French at GCSE level, Urdu, Hindi and Sindhi would put me in a strong position for a global career in chemical engineering. One year's worth of experience volunteering at a local care home gave me insight into a world I was very unfamiliar with, and improved my confidence with regards to speaking to people outside my age group. Although I am not a member, I regularly work with the charity organisation APWA (All-Pakistan Woman's Association), and have participated in events including the selling of raffle tickets which relied on communication and persuasion skills. Being an IT prefect has also helped in this regard, as monitoring an IT room by myself has established for me the idea of responsibility for other's actions.

I very much look forward to university life. At the end my course, I will have not only gained a degree but also a plethora of experiences that will have shaped me further both as a team worker and as an individual.

Universities Applied to:

  • Imperial College London (Chemical Engineering)
  • University of Manchester (Chemical Engineering)
  • University of Newcastle (Chemical Engineering)
  • University of Edinburgh (Chemical Engineering)
  • University of Surrey (Chemical Engineering)


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Hi. I was just wondering if you managed to get any offers, and if so, what grades?

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