(Bang-e-Dra-039) Tarana-e-Hindi

The Indian Anthem Sare Jahan Se Acha Hindustan Humara Hum Bulbulain Hain Iss Ki, Ye Gulistan Humara The best land in the world is our India; We are its nightingales; this is our garden. Gharbat Mein Hon Agar Hum, Rehta Hai Dil Watan Mein Samjho Waheen Humain Bhi, Dil Ho Jahan Humara If we are in exile, our heart resides in our homeland. Understand that we are also where our heart is. Parbat Woh Sub Se Uncha, Humsaya Asman Ka Woh Santri Humara, Woh Pasban Humara That is the highest mountain, the neighbour of the sky; It is our sentry; it is our watchman. Godi Mein Khailti Hain Iss Ki Hazaron Nadiyan Gulshan Hai Jin Ke Dam Se Rashak-e-Jinaan Humara In its lap play thousands of streams, And the gardens that flourish because of them are the envy of Paradise. Ae Aab-e-Rood-e-Ganga! Woh Din Hain Yaad Tujh Ko? Utra Tere Kinare Jab Karwan Humara

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Oh, waters of the river Ganges! Do you remember those days? Those days when our caravan halted on your bank? Mazhab Nahin Sikhata Apas Mein Bair Rakhna Hindi Hain Hum, Watan Hai Hindustan Humara Religion does not teach us to be enemies with each other: We are Indians, our homeland is our India. Yunan-o-Misar-o-Roma Sab Mit Gye Jahan Se Ab Tak Magar Hai Baqi Naam-o-Nishan Humara Greece, Egypt and Byzantium have all been erased from the world. But our fame and banner still remain. Kuch Baat Hai Ke Hasti Mitti Nahin Humari Sadiyon Raha Hai Dushman Dour-e-Zaman Humara It is something to be proud of that our existence is never erased, Though the passing of time for centuries has always been our enemy. Iqbal! Koi Mehram Apna Nahin Jahan Mein Maloom Kya Kisi Ko Dard-e-Nihan Humara Iqbal! No‐one in this world has ever known your secret. Does anyone know the pain I feel inside me?

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