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Just like waking up in the morning and inhaling my first conscious-breath of the day, reading is something essential to me. As I child, I used to dream of having my own and private reading place where I would sit and spend my whole day reading my favorite books without any disturbance. Thanks to my dreams, I now have a wonderful private library in my house. This place is not similar to any other ordinary library but a mini place where you can find a massive number of interesting books of different varieties. Before you come into my library, you will have to obey a simple rule which is not that difficult to follow. Well, it is to be loaded with high reading spirit and I bet you that you will have no space in your heart to say good bye to this place. I can assure you on that as I myself experience the same thing everyday before I leave to work.

As I sip my daily morning black coffee from my special coffee mug, I walk into my private library which has an automatic opening and a small hall as we enter. Just beside the couch which is in the hall, there is a mini map on the types of...

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