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Addiction is a strong habit, which normally cannot be eliminated without professional assistance. Computer and Internet in particular constitute powerful virtual reality, which seems an alternative of objective world, bringing new problems day by day, so that the distraction from vital daily issues is increasingly more often associated with escapism into the 'parallel world'. This problem can be attributed to both individual and macrosocial levels, as it might signify both destructive alterations of human consciousness and the pathological development of computerized societies. Major thesis statements: 1) Addiction is a vital condition of human functioning, as it determines one's interests, hobbies and ambitions; in this sense, computer addiction can also be to some extent useful for society, whereas unquestionably harmful for the individual. 2) Computer/Internet addiction prevails among the individuals with low social skills. 3) Due to the fact that this strong habit is spreading rapidly around the world, it is possible to state gradual de-socialization, especially in the 'first-world'. Primary issues to discuss: 1) Consider the reasons why computer addiction effects increasingly more people around the world. 2) Can Internet facilities completely replace (serve as a substitute of) such issues as family and

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friendship? Are these two values universal and indispensable? 3) Is computer addiction a side effect of information technology, in your opinion? 4) Individuals in all epochs got addicted to certain substances or objects: for instance, with the advent of tobacco in Western Europe, many Europeans become inveterate smokers, but no crucial social changes happened in connection with the introduction of the new product. Is computer/Internet addiction merely a 'had habit' or a signal of the future social problems?
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Modern technologies

Information technology threats
Computer and Internet addiction

Cultural issues within the US

Immigration reform

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