OCR AS Chemistry Evaluation Coursework

hey guys! we have our evaluative coursework tomorrow, but our teachers haven't prepared us for it. do u guys have any tips or any websites I can use to revise? the questions about alternative methods/equipment are particularly hard since we haven't used much equipment other than those for titration any help would be appreciated. thank you Did your teachers give you the Practical Skills handbook? http://www. ocr. org. uk/Images/70646-p. . . s-handbook. pdf Pages 28-33 are seriously useful/important for the evaluative paper. have you done the carboxylic acid one? @sessess thank you so much!! (Original post by sophie234q) have you done the carboxylic acid one? yes we did the carboxylic group earlier and then we did group 2 carbonates.

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Cheap Coursework Writing Services | Course Work Writing UK & USA

EssayWritersWorld. com is a professional academic essay writing company. We are fortified with plentiful of talented and well qualified writers enabling us to offer a wide range of academic writing services among which coursework writing services is one of the main areas of our expertise. As a professional academic essay writing service provider, we understand what our customers expect from us and we strive to meet their expectations without faults. We help the students write their academic projects, course works and thesis in the best manner.

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A2 Language Investigation Coursework Ideas

Hi all, So we've just gone back to school and we're starting our A2 courses now, mostly coursework in majority of subjects. . . which means English coursework. I'm with AQA, doing the language investigation coursework, yet I've no idea WHATSOEVER on what to do it on and I need to have an idea fairly soon. Most people have chosen something easily, but I want an A (should be getting one really) and I don't wanna rush into something. Only idea I've come up with is: An idea of comparing the language of MSN (teacher suggestion), but I'm not sure at all.

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Online Applied Behavior Analysis Coursework

We offer a six-course sequence (18 semester hours) that meets all coursework requirements and addresses all the information required to take theBoard Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA)exam. This BACB-approved course sequence can be completed in a period of 16 months, which includes 3 consecutive semesters and one summer session. All coursework is offered fully online.   Those interested in taking the BCBA exam must also have at least a master's degree and experience supervised by someone who already holds the BCBA. If you are also interested in an MA, you should check our fully online MA in Behavior Support offered through the Special Education Program.

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AQA AS/A2 English Language and Literature A: Advice Thread

I studied AQA English Language and Literature (A) for AS and A2. I got an A* overall, so if anyone needs any advice with techniques, essay planning, or anything at all, post here My results were: AS (Jan exam): A AS (June exam): A A2 (Coursework): A* A2 (June exam): A* Wow! I am in your awe What texts did you do? Did you do both AS exams in June? When did you start serious work? Did you annotate your texts? What revision guides did you use? How much work did you do a week? How often did you write essays / do practise papers? I'm ok on the lit.

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A Level Textiles: Beautiful Sketchbook Pages

Halima Akhtar is an exceptional student who gained an A* for both Edexcel A Level Fine Art (100% at AS and A2) and A Level Textiles (100% for AS and A2 Coursework projects and 98% for both examinations). This article features her AS and A2 Textiles projects, completed while studying at Woldingham School, Caterham, Surrey, United Kingdom. Halima gained an A Level Art Scholarship and went on to gain a Distinction for her Art Foundation year. Halima’s sketchbooks contain rich, mixed media pieces, sculptural exploration, fabric investigations, manipulation of materials and experiments with stitching, surface and pattern.

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Controlled assessment

This page provides teachers and students with information regarding controlled assessments for: GCSE Business Studies Units 3 and 14; GCSE Applied Business Units 4,5 and 6 and GCSE Business and Communication Systems Unit 10. Internally-assessed mark submission is changing from Summer 2016 We are delighted to announce e-Submissions (e-Subs), a new web-based system for submitting both centre and moderator marks for controlled assessment. The new online system will offer schools and colleges a more efficient way to submit controlled assessment marks or grades and save you time.

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Child Life Internship

The Child Life Program Internship program consists of 15 weeks and 600 hours of clinical experience under the supervision of a Certified Child Life Specialist. Our interns are supervised by child life specialists who have at least 4000 hours of paid experience as a CCLS. These specialists are precepted by the Internship coordinator who has previously served as a child life preceptor and additionally has over 8000 hours of paid experience as a CCLS. The internship coordinator works with the Child Life supervisor in order to maintain continuity throughout the program.

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STPM Mathematics Assign 3

  Warning: Copy at your own risk   Dedicated to all form 6 studentsLim TH1 STPMMathematics(T)Semester3 2012/2013Assignment C: Mathematical InvestigationSubjective probability is important in everyday life and sometimes it is obtained intuitively throughexperience or experiment. As an example, we may say that the probability of Player   A beating Player   B ina badminton match is 0. 6 despite the fact that Player   A has won 8 out of 10 previous matches. Subjective probability may be validated by appropriate sampling and inferences using confidenceintervals or hypothesis tests.

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Student Support Materials for History - Edexcel A2 Unit 4

Enable students to succeed in their assessment with Historical Enquiry – the essential guide to Edexcel History A2 Unit 4.Historical Enquiry supports and guides students step-by-step through their Unit 4 assessment with:• full explanations supported by examples of the skills that they will need to succeed• graded coursework essays with full comments from experienced assessors on how to secure a higher grade• Moderators’ and Essential notes throughout.In this book you will find:• Chapter 1:INTRODUCTIONAn overview of exactly what Unit 4 is all about•

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