A-Level Media Studies

Join over 1. 2 million students every month Accelerate your learning by 29% Unlimited access from just £6. 99 per month Home AS and A Level Media Studies Marked by Teachers essays 45 Peer Reviewed essays 4 No. of results pages: 260 Show Sort by 5 star(s) 5 star(s) 5 star(s) 4 star(s) 4 star(s) 4 star(s) " We are continually exposed to information though an ever-increasing range of sources and Media Studies investigates and examines how these sources operate and the impact they can have. The Media Studies student will develop a wide range of practical and analytical skills during the course and will gain a deep understanding of the role the media plays in the 21st century.

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WJEC A2 Media Coursework

Hi guys Was just wondering if anyone could tell me exactly what we have to do for the coursework in A2. I've just started to make my music video and my teacher really hasn't explained what comes after this. How many essays do we do? What are the essays about? (I'm making a music video to Radioactive by Imagine Dragons if that is any help on what my essays will be related to?) Thanks for any help!! You do a pre-production essay on either representation or narrative or genre which is worth 45% of your coursework grade then you do your production - which is another 45% - and has to feature some elements of your essay.

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STPM SBA Physics Report 2013

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Welcome - Stanford Axess

Axess is a consolidated online platform used by the Stanford community to access information and record transactions related to: Academic Advising, Teaching and Grading Employment Student Enrollment and Financials Training Workflow-Enabled Administrative Processes Axess is available to current Stanford community members and affiliates as follows: Advisors Employees (including all faculty, staff, student, and contingent employees) Faculty Instructors (including authorized instructor proxies) Postdoctoral Scholars Students (including incoming students, students on leave, and former students who have been active within the past five years) Training (STARS) Users Authorized PeopleSoft HR/SA Users Guests may use Axess functions available from the login page to: Check the status of an active undergraduate admissions application (application email address required) Login to Stanford ePay if they have been designated as an authorized payer on a student account (secure ePay login required) Search for academic classes Logging in to Axess Your SUNet ID and password are required each time you use Axess.

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Required Prerequisites

General pre-requisites must be completed before entering the MOT program and can be completed at any accredited college or university. General Pre-requisite Course Work: Biology with lab (4 credits required) Human Physiology with lab (4-8 credits required)* Human (Systemic) Anatomy and lab (4-8 credits)* Abnormal Psychology (3 credits required) Introduction to Statistics (3 credits required) Sociology or Anthropology (3 credits required) Oral Communications (2-3 credits)* Medical Terminology (1-2 credits) TOTAL 19 (21) credits Notes: Core Biology and lab are preferred.

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WJEC Media Studies A2 Coursework Thread!

Not sure how many people on here are actually doing WJEC Media Studies but I hope this is helpful to some. I myself am struggling a bit with the concept of the research investigation where you have to choose 'Genre', 'Narrative' and 'Representation' - anyone have a definition of Genre and Narrative in terms of the pre-planning? Examples would be helpful! Okay so basically I am doing research into rap narrative any tips or help? Would very much be appreciated Hey, I've just finished this. I did mine on the representation of female superheroes in Marvel comics and got an A, so naturally will be less help on others but if you choose representation I can try and help out! Based on what you have to learn for the exam though, if you're doing narrative you might want to try and focus on theories (Todorov/Propp/Levi Strauss), because not only will you get familiar with them for the exam, it'll also be easy to do your production if you can find a recurring narrative theory.

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Level 3 Advanced Extended Technical Diploma in Animal Management

This advanced programme will help you learn practical skills and competencies with a broad range of animal species and prepare you for University or future employment within the animal industry. You will assist with running the Animal Unit and have the opportunity to go on trips to kennels and catteries, zoological parks, Crufts and conservation residentials.   Course Overview This course is suited to both school leavers and mature learners who have a genuine interest in animal welfare and management. It is based on lectures, practical duties and work experience.

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Art Project Ideas: tips and inspiration for students

Should you look for easy art project ideas? Simple art project ideas? How do you find an original and innovative approach? Have you been given an exam topic or a class-wide starting point? The Student Art Guide provides advice from experienced art teachers and step-by-step guidelines for selecting an excellent subject, topic or theme. Read our list of articles below. This article lists still life ideas for teachers or students who are stuck or in need of inspiration. The collection includes tried and true favourites that have been used by Art teachers for generations, as well as more unusual and contemporary still life topics.

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Business studies Coursework

Extracts from this document. . . Business Studies Controlled Assignment For my investigation of a small established local business, I decided to investigate RK News, which is a local business located on the busy new cross road. The reason why I have selected this business is because the location of the business has the capabilities of maintaining a stable flow of customers from the local community, the large amount of passers-by as well as students from the surrounding college and university. From observing the store fascia which is located above the door, I found that the store sells various products such as tobacco, confectionery, alcohol, top-up cards, bus passes, ATM machine access, which from doing at other businesses I found that it was a service that none of the other nearby stores provided.

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An Investigation Into the Resistance of a Wire - GCSE Physics Coursework

In this article I will investigate what affects the resistance of a wire. Electricity flows in metals. Metal wires are made of millions of tiny metal crystals, and each crystal’s atoms are arranged in a regular pattern. The metal is full of "free" electrons that do not stick to any particular atom; rather, they fill the space between the atoms. When these electrons move, they create an electric current. Conductors have resistance, but some are worse than others. The free electrons keep bumping into atoms. A wire's resistance depends on four main factors: Resistivity Length of the wire Cross-sectional area Temperature of the wire I will investigate how the length of the wire affects the resistance.

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