How to Mention Relevant Coursework in a Resume

1 Understand why you should add course work to your resume. Mentioning course work on a resume gives potential employers an idea of the relevant knowledge and proficiency you have acquired and any knowledge you are working towards in your current studies. You should only include course work on your resume that applies to the job you are applying for, as this will show the hiring manager that you understand the job or position and have the necessary skills to do the job. Most employers will look at your course work to get a sense of your level of expertise in a certain field or on a certain subject.

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A2 Physics Coursework (OCR Advancing Physics B - G496)

  Hey everyone, I'm just starting the Coursework for OCR A2 Physics. We have to do a practical investigation on any topic of our choosing, but I'm completely stuck for ideas! The only one I've got so far is dropping a squash ball into a tank of water, and investigating how the height from which the ball is dropped affects the depth it falls to before rising. The only problem with this is that the water splashes everywhere, and it'll be a nuisance in the lab. Also, the squash ball hits the bottom from any height around 50cm, and the tank is really deep (as deep as I could find and could carry to college).

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Edexcel GCSE History (2016) | Pearson qualifications

What's changingThe changes summarised below will apply to all awarding bodies’ specifications:  New specifications from all awarding bodies will have to include these elements: a thematic study covering a long period that spans medieval, early modern and modern history a period study covering at least 50 years a British depth study and a non-British depth study from different eras (modern, early modern and medieval) a study of the historic environment. Students will also be required to study at least 40% British history. A new grading structure is also being introduced, from grade 9 to 1, to replace the familiar A* to G grading scale.

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A2 Coursework

Step-by-step advice on how to do well Of the three A2 modules , one is coursework. It will assess your ability to plan, carry out and present an investigation into an aspect of English Language of your choice. The module is worth 30% of the A2. The Investigating Language coursework folder consists of one piece of work - a write-up of your investigation. The investigation must consist of the following ten sections:  Introduction Aims Hypothesis (hypotheses?) Methodology Description of Data Data Analysis Conclusions Evaluation Bibliography   The folder is marked as one piece of work (each section is not separately assessed), on the following criteria: Language Frameworks - your ability to select suitable frameworks to process your data, and to use them accurately and in varying degrees of detail.

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Student Performance Analysis

The top line of figures for each subject is 2016 followed by previous years. Where subjects appear to be missing results figures this is usually because the naming or classification of the subject has changed. Try a different subject title. The figures for 2016 are only provisional as of August 2016 Percentage of candidates gaining grade %gaining Number grades graded A* A B C D E F G U A*-C A*-U Art/Design subjects 2016 8. 9 14. 1 24. 0 28. 9 13. 3 6. 3 2. 9 1. 2 0. 4 75. 9 183085 2015 8. 9 14. 0 23. 0 30. 5 13. 0 5. 8 3. 1 1. 2 0. 5 76. 4 194637 2014 8.

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Controlled Assessment

Use our helpful resources to assist you in planning and delivering successful controlled assessments in Science. From our step-by-step teacher online standardisation (T-OLS) demo to our free controlled assessment adviser service, you'll find the support you need right here. Choosing the right controlled assessmentIt’s important to choose a controlled assessment from a set that will be valid for moderation in the June series when you intend to certificate the course. Controlled assessment tasks are only valid for submission in one series. Find out which controlled assessments can be used for your subject.

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Graphic Design Sketchbook Ideas – 22 Inspirational Examples

Many high school Graphic Design students are unsure what to include within their sketchbook or how to present their assignments in an innovative and appealing way. This article provides examples of artist and student sketchbooks to motivate and inspire those who study qualifications such as IGCSE / GCSE Art and Design, A Level Graphics and NCEA Level 3 Design (Scholarship). It is written for those who are working in areas such as illustration, publication design (pamphlets, brochures, websites, magazine and book design, CD / DVD covers), corporate identity, advertising and marketing (logo and branding, promotional merchandise, posters, internet and television advertising), packaging design and/or symbol design.

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Loreto Balbriggan | Science Coursework B

Each student is required to undertake two specified investigations in their third year and to submit a pro forma report on these for assessment. These additional investigations, based on the topics and learning outcomes in the syllabus, will be set by the examining body and will vary from year to year. These investigations account for25%of the students final Junior Certificate grade and will require substantial time investment, by the student, during the year. Students will be notified of the investigation titles well in advance of the laboratory time they will be allocated to conduct the investigations, and this laboratory time-slot cannot be altered (In Loreto Balbriggan, this takes place typically after the Mock examinations - 2017 dates to be finalised yet).

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