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There is a difference between the “natural” story time and narrative, plot or screen time. Essentially recording natural time would require filming every movement in real time. If a woman leaves her house after receiving a phone call. If this sequence was recorded in natural time it would require at least 30 minutes. This would include collecting her keys, her handbag, putting her shoes on, going to the toilet, walking to the door, opening it, locking it and walking to her destination. Instead of showing all this extended action in natural time the director can cut out all of the ‘unnecessary’ action and reduce 30 minutes into 1 minute.

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Video Editing Equipment Review: Mitsubishi HS-U795 S-VHS VCR

It used to be that people who bought S-VHS VCRs were interested in the advanced editing features as much as the high-quality image that came with those high-priced models. Lately that's changed. As more video producers from beginner to advanced migrate toward computer-based editing systems, it's harder to find S-VHS editing decks. Now, most VCR manufacturers market an inexpensive line of S-VHS VCRs to the home-theater crowd. These users want better video quality, but don't need the editing features. There is still one holdout in the consumer line of S-VHS editing VCRs, however, the Mitsubishi HS-U795.

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10 Netflix Instant Picks About Filmmaking to Devour This Holiday Season

As November comes to a close, the holiday season is officially upon us. Alongside the decadent meals and retail shopping absurdity, most of us have a few extra days off to lounge around in our pajamas and watch movies. If you're like me, however, the process of figuring out what to watch is way more daunting than it should be. For that reason, I've compiled a list of 10 excellent films about filmmaking, all of which are currently available on Netflix Instant. Now that I've taken all of the guesswork out of figuring out what to watch, grab some hot cocoa (or spiked egg nog), throw on your Snuggie, and settle in for two days worth of awesome filmmaking movies.

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Basic Premiere Pro editing workflow

The steps you take in editing video, from import or capture through final output, make up your workflow. The basic workflow describes the most general steps you would take with most projects. Specific types of workflows, such as the P2 workflow or the cross-platform workflow, explain the noteworthy settings, variations, or issues specific to each type. Reviewing the entire workflow for a production before creating a project and first sequence can help you optimize Adobe Premiere Pro for the needs of that production. It can also help you plan for the special needs your production has at any particular step.

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The Best Free Tools for Making Your Own Video Games

With the recent release of the free version of the Unreal Engine and the announcement of the free Source 2 Engine, you now have even more options for making your own games. But picking out the best engine for you and your skillset is a little tough. Let's take a look at some of the best free software for a variety of skillsets. If you've ever been interested in game development, animation, or digital visualization, the… Read more Read more Before you can really dig into most of these tools, you'll need at least a foundation in programming.

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Editing Software - Make the Most of Your Drone Photography

So you’ve spent the day capturing awesome sights from above with your drone. Now, whether it’s for fun or for a professional purpose, you’ll need decent editing software to make the most of your footage. We’ve come up with a few programs you might want to try out. Clearly, not all software packages were created equal. But each pilot will have individual preferences, and you might find that certain programs, although packed with capability, are time-consuming and overly complicated. Any decent software provider will offer free trials to give you an idea of what to expect from the full version, so take the opportunity to try out editing a short clip in several programs to see which you find easiest to use and which gives the best end result.

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10 Free Photoshop Alternatives For Mac & PC

Earlier this week we took at look at some great free web based alternatives to Photoshop. Since we don't always have web access (this can be especially true during our favorite photo editing time: while riding on a plane), we decided it was a good idea to look at some free photo editing options available for download. In this list we've broken our software down just like we had with our web based list. Basic applications will perform basic photo editing tasks like cropping and resizing, while the More Robust applications will be more akin to Photoshop with options such as working with layers.

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PhotoMania - Photo Effects - Android Apps on Google Play

It's a pretty cool app,amazing and im loving it. . But there is no picture resolution settings. . So that i can increase my photo quality and size. . Hope i could get that in next updates Low storage, great effects!Love the effects, nice feature is that you can get pictures out of cloud storage directly from the app, very few ads, and takes up only 8 MB storeage! Really like thisbut please can you put some more effects in the next update. maybe like for anniversary or in memory, missing you ones. just a thought. thankyou One thingMany cool things, but once a picture is in a frame you cannot adjust / center it.

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Five Best Text Editors

Whether you’re a developer or a writer, a good text editor is a must-have on any computer, in any operating system. The humble text editor is great for managing code, writing down quick notes, or just as a distraction-free writing tool. This week, we’re looking at five of the best, based on your nominations. Earlier this week we asked you for your favorite text editors, and while you suggestedfarmore than we can highlight here, there were a few that earned more nominations than the others. Here are the tools you liked the best: Sublime Text Cross-platform and feature packed, Sublime Text was a crowd favorite in the call for contenders thread, partially because of its amazing feature-set.

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VideoPad Video Editor (Full Version)

VideoPad (Full Version) is the professional version of the popular freeware application VideoPad Free. It includes a lot of easy-to-use features and effects perfect for those starting out a career in video editing, whether it be for YouTube or creating personal DVD presentations for the family. The program couldn't be easier if you look at competing products. VideoPad includes support for some of the most popular video compression formats and can create some cool looking end videos with the excellent effects and transitions included. As opposed to the free, stripped down version, this one is the full deal.

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