Motherboard Reviews, Ratings, and Pricing

Home >  Components >  Motherboard Boost your gaming rig, build a new PC, or beef up a budget machine with our picks for the best CPUs, cases, motherboards, and graphics cards of '16. Read more EVGA’s X99 FTW K is a solid foundation for a high-end gaming PC, thanks to its overclocking features, support for 4-Way SLI, and modern extras like M. 2 support and USB 3. 1. Read the review ASRock's scrappy Fatal1ty X99 Professional Gaming i7 board costs less than many X99 alternatives but still supports triple SLI, USB 3. 1, multiple M.

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Unlock a file that has been locked for editing

Applies To:Excel for Android phones Excel Mobile PowerPoint for Android phones PowerPoint Mobile Word for Android phones Word Mobile Excel for iPad Word for iPad PowerPoint for iPad Excel for iPhone Word for iPhone PowerPoint for iPhone Word for Android tablets Excel for Android tablets PowerPoint for Android tabletsMore. . . LessWhen you try to open a Excel workbook, PowerPoint presentation, or Word document on your mobile device, you might receive a message stating that the file is locked for editing by another user. Typically, you will be able to open the file as read-only, but you won’t be able to edit it.

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Best Free MP3 Tag Editor

toggle-button Submitted by Jojo Yee | Last update on 20th January, 2017 - 1:23pm MP3 has become the most common audio format for playback, storage and transfer of music. If we need to playback MP3 files with their tag information shown correctly, or to organize a large collection of MP3 files based on their tag information, a good MP3 tag editor will be helpful. In this category, both standalone tag editors and built-in tag editors are reviewed based on three basic needs which include: Support basic tags, embedded cover arts and lyrics. Rename files using tag information, and edit tags using file names.

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Movavi Photo Editor for Mac

If you’re wondering how to edit photos on your Mac without the hassle of other programs, give this neat little app a try. The clear and simple interface, automatic quality improvements, and smart selection options make photo processing fun! Experiment with backgrounds, delete unwanted objects, apply digital makeup, add filters and textures, tweak parameters using color-coded sliders, straighten, crop and flip frames. Need more disc space on your Macintosh? Scale photos down to reduce their file size. Download for Free Drag theslider Even if it's your first time editing images, get Movavi Photo Editor for Mac and see how easy it is to use! Download for Free Resize Crop Rotate Flip Level Download for Free Click these buttons and see how it works Erase Cloud Erase Random Guy ErasePower Lines Download for Free Set up and insert captions Adjust text parameters like font, alignment, line width, and more Place the text wherever you want, rotate and resize it within the frame Create semi-transparent text watermarks Download for Free Screenshots Mac OS Х® 10.

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Cheat Engine

October 6 2016:Cheat Engine 6. 6 Released: Cheat Engine 6. 6 has been released. It has several fixes, new scan functionality, gui changes/improvements, Ultimap 2, better hotkeys, more programming options, and more(See below). Download: Cheat Engine 6. 6 If you encounter bugs or have suggestions, please do not hesitate to report them in the forum, bugtracker, irc or by e-mail. And if you have questions, don't hesitate to ask them in the forum or irc Fixes:Fixed saving of hotkey sounds Fixed the CF flag in the disassembler stepping mode Fixed Kernelmode VirtualQueryEx for Windows 10 build 14393 Fixed DBVM for Windows 10 build 14393 Fixed the shortest assembler instruction picking for some instructions Fixed a few bugs in the break and trace routine when you'd stop it while the thread still had a single step set Fixed several ansi to UTF8 incompatbilities that poped up between 6.

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Complete Guide to Edit a Video with GoPro Studio

GoPro Studio software is one of the main products that are provided by the GoPro. This software has made all the things easy to do whether it is importing the GoPro media, Play back videos, viewing videos/photos or creating professional quality videos. Gopro Studio has made the video editing much easy that even beginners can edit the GoPro videos effectively. You may also like: Best GoPro Studio Alternatives >> Color Correction in GoPro Studio >> GoPro Studio is a very basic video editing for your action camera clips, if you want a video editing software more advanced, you can try Wondershare Filmira which allows you to merge and cut your action camera videos within clicks without quality loss.

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How to Edit Images in Photoshop 7.0

March 13, 2016 Photoshop is the quintessential photo editing program that both professionals and amateurs use to transform images into works of art. However, using Photoshop 7. 0 effectively requires a keen eye for detail, patience, and a whole variety of skills and techniques. Professional photographers often take courses or spend a few years before they master the many nuances of this image editing software. It is important to remember that most professionals seek a level of realism, and bad Photoshop techniques can make images look goofy and unappealing.

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Top Classic Video Editing Effects

The best video editing effects, some would say, are those that go unnoticed.   Color correction can subtly enhance the emotional effect of a scene.   A split screen offers a modern perspective for telling a story.   Superimposed shots provide an opportunity for reflection and contemplation. These video editing effects are the classics you'll find yourself using over and over again.   Jose Luis Pelaez/The Image Bank/Getty Images Any time you have a cut that looks or sounds abrupt, try adding a dissolve to smooth the transition. This effect blends the two video clips together so that audiences barely notice the change.

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Non-linear video editing software: Open-source alternatives to Abobe Premiere Pro CC

Video editing applications are relatively complex, high-performance products that address a three-tier market: consumers making simple home movies; more serious amateur film-makers; and professional editing for TV and cinema. Historically (as is perhaps illustrated by Adobe's recent repositioning of Premiere Pro CC towards the professional media market), video NLE developers have often struggled to decide which of those three market segments to address (and on which platforms). Many users now expect a basic home movie application such as Windows Movie Maker or Apple iMovie to be free — or at least very low cost.

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Six Best Video Editing Applications

You want to be the supreme ruler of your own virtual cutting room? Better break out the checkbook—your film-chopping powers aren't going to come cheaply. Photo by FaceMePLS. Earlier this week we asked you what video editing software you thought was best. You responded in force, and we're back to share the top six tools Lifehacker readers use to edit their videos. While we normally limit the Hive Five strictly to five options, given that several of the options here cost more than a used car, we've expanded this Hive in order to provide a balanced spread.

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