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Case study: earthquake

Haiti is part of a large Caribbean island called Hispaniola. The Dominican Republic is located to the east of Haiti and covers over half of the island. Cause of the earthquake Haiti lies right on the boundary [ boundary : The region where two or more tectonic plates meet. It is a zone of intense seismic activity. ]  of the Caribbean and North American plates. There was slippage along a conservative plate boundary [ conservative plate boundary : Areas between two crustal plates that are moving past each other in opposite directions or at different speeds.

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Case presentation of Psychotic Episode in a substance abuser

1. Case Presentation of Patient Yusnizam Ismail By Nabilah Amani 2. Introduction• Name: Yusnizam Ismail• Age: 31 years old• Race: Malay• Sex: Male• Marital Status: Single• Occupation: Unemployed• Information: Incomplete and partly unreliable• Informants: Patient and case file• Rapport was established during the second interview BY NABILAH AMANI TOBENG 3. Chief Complaint• Patient was brought to hospital for aggressive behavior and assaultHistory:- On 18th September 2012, caretaker of the nursing home noted that patient started having trouble sleeping, where he often wakes up and shout incoherently about 5- 6 times per night.

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Nestle Maggi

1. Presentation By: - Akhil Gupta Roll No. -PG-06-01 PGPIMC 06-08 Maggi Takes The Health Route Term Assessment Task - 6 [email_address] 14-December-2007 2. Introduction to Case This case looks at the various phases in the product life cycle of Maggi noodles in India. It talks about the various measures taken by NIL to keep the Maggi brand fresh in the minds of Indian consumers. The case also talks about the various extensions of the Maggi brand and tries to analyze why only the sauces and ketchups category, among all the other product extensions, managed to succeed.

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Basmati Case Study

CASE NUMBER: 493 CASE MNEMONIC: Basmati CASE NAME: India-US Basmati Rice Dispute Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA) I. Identification 1. The Issue In late 1997, an American company RiceTec Inc, was granted a patent by the US patent office to call the aromatic rice grown outside India 'Basmati'. RiceTec Inc, had been trying to enter the international Basmati market with brands like 'Kasmati' and 'Texmati' described as Basmati-type rice with minimal success. However, with the Basmati patent rights, RiceTec will now be able to not only call its aromatic rice Basmati within the US, but also label it Basmati for its exports.

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Case Study: AmEx Small Business Saturday

In 2010, American Express launched Small Business Saturday - a shopping holiday in the US on the first Saturday after Thanksgiving. The idea was to encourage shoppers to patronise bricks and mortar businesses that are small and local. The initiative, supported with a campaign by Crispin Porter + Bogusky, was well-received and in 2011 AmEx set out to build on this by cementing Small Business Saturday as a regular fixture in the US' pre-Christmas shopping season. In its second year, Small Business Saturday was even more successful. Five thousand small businesses participated and 103 million Americans 'shopped small' on the day.

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Case Studies | Read about our customers - Alphacam Accuracy Helps Swiss Watches Keep Perfect Time

Production engineering solutions required by many leading Swiss watch-makers are installed in their CNC machines when they buy them.   Bumotec, based in the tiny Swiss village of Sâles just a few miles from the Prealp mountains, pride themselves on not simply producing standard machines. Almost every one they supply has been trialled by manufacturing the customer’s parts on it, and comes complete with the Alphacam CNC programs for those parts. "The toolpaths are created in a matter of moments, and Alphacam's numerous features and functions ensure Swiss watch-makers can easily produce the complex components they need.

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Case study-on-letter-of-credit

Case study-on-letter-of-credit Upcoming SlideShareLoading in … 5 ×1 Like this document? Why not share! 1. Customer Submitted Case Studies                 Case Study: Functional Overview on Letter of Credit Author: Deepak Seeruwani, Consultant Contributors:  Naveen Rangineni, Consultant   Skill Level Rating for this Case Study: Intermediate        About Oracle Customer Submitted Case Studies    Oracle Customer Submitted Case Studies are intended as learning tools and for sharing  information or knowledge related to a complex event, process, procedure, or to a series of  related events.

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Motivation and leadership Motivation business studies and business english

Leadership goes beyond management. Management involves getting things done using the resources of the organisation, and the formal patterns and rules within the organisation. Leadership, on the other hand, sometimes involves driving through changes and new initiatives, which may be unpopular in some quarters. It is possible to identify a range of approaches to leading change in an organisation, depending on the use of authority by the leader, and the amount of freedom given to subordinates. Anauthoritarian approach involves a leader making the decisions themselves and then telling others what to do.

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OPER Report - Zhou Bicycle Company

1. 1 Conestoga College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning Kitchener, Ontario Course No: OPER 3000 Section # 1 Course Name: Operations Management Professor: Ravi Sharma Case Study Assignment – Zhou Bicycle Company Due Date: November 11th, 2016 Time: 2:00pm Submission Date: November 11th, 2016 Time: 2:00pm Group # Personal Work Statement I/ We, the undersigned: Warrant that the work submitted herein is our work and not the work of others Acknowledge that we have read and understood the College Policy on Academic Dishonesty Acknowledge that it is a breach of College Regulations to give or receive unauthorized and/or unacknowledged assistance on a graded piece of work Acknowledge that I am / (we are jointly and equally) responsible for the work submitted herein Name (Print/Type) Student # Signature Juliana Brudiu - Partner’s name has been removed for privacy reasons - 2.

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