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The MNR Capstone project is intended to showcase the student's interdisciplinary knowledge of the MNR's core learning objectives. Click on the links below to view some examples of past students' projects.

Proposal Examples

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Capstone Title Examples

Capstone Examples

Erin Anzalone - "Community Supported Agriculture at Indian Creek Nature Center's Sugar Grove Farm: Sustainable Farming for Iowa"

Chris Binder - "Mountain Bike Use on the Tahoe Rim Trail: An Analysis of Management Practices in Restricted Use Areas"

George Broyles - "Wildland Firefighter Smoke Exposure Study"

Jason Cox - "The Relationship of Bulbous Bluegrass and Big Sagebrush in Utah"

Alex Hansen - "A Pre-Paving Baseline

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Inventory of Vehicle-Related Mortality on Mule Deer along, Seep Ridge Road, Book Cliffs, Utah"

Ashly Herrera -"Interactions between Rocky Mtn Bighorn Sheep and Domestic Sheep and Implications on USDA Forest Service Lands in Evanston/Mt. View Ranger District"

Daniel Keller - "Effects of Flooding and Tamarisk Removal on Habitat for Sensitive Fish Species in the San Rafael River, UT: Implications for Future Restoration Efforts"

Ryan Leary -  "Landscape and Habitat Attributes Influencing Beaver Distribution"

Jeran Farley - "Street Tree Diversification and Location Considerations"

Kevin Turnblom - "Private Forests in the Wildland-Urban Interface: Using GIS to Identify Management Challenges in Eastern Washington"

Matthew Richards - "From Disaster to Sustainability: The Story of Pacific Groundfish Fishery"

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