Writing an E-Mail Cover Letter Template

A job seeker wrote me to say that he needed help writing an e-mail cover letter template he could use for his job search. I took a look at what he had, and gave him some ideas to improve it.

See if there's one or two tips from my rewrite that you can use for your cover letters.

This E-Mail Cover Letter Template Needs Help!

Here's the e-mail sent by Dave Zrt (not his real name):

I need help with my cover letter template because its BAD. I just don't have any experience in writing cover letters. I want to have a template I can use to e-mail my resume for various jobs in web design.

To understand what I'm asking, here's my cover letter template:

Dear Hiring Manager:
Why I sent you this e-mail is because I am interested in your job opportunity found on _______ .com. My knowledge in web design includes Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, WordPress, HTML, Dreamweaver, Flash, and Microsoft Word; in addition, my web design experience includes working in the Windows and Mac platforms. Therefore, I am positive with my

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skills that I acquired from my web design experience that I would be an asset to your company.

Presently, I am working toward completion of my AAS in web design. From June 2007 to the present, I designed a company web site. As a result, the company tapped into billion dollar market and reached 100 million dollar sales mark in 2010 through website promotion. From January 2007 til January 2008, I worked at an internship with a Congressman by creating flyers and programs using Microsoft Publisher for campaign events, assisting in reelection of congressman in 2007 and 2008. Furthermore, my experience will help grow your business.

Enclosed is my resume for your review, and please visit _______ .com for samples of my work. My qualifications are competitive and my skills would prove to be an asset. Should you find that my background meets the requirements of your opening, I welcome the opportunity to discuss how to assist your company in its future goals.

Please feel free to contact me at (phone number) or (e-mail).

Thank you for your time and consideration. Sincerely,

Dave Zrt

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