Synopsis Purioris Theologiae

Synopsis Purioris Theologiae, Latin Text and English Translation, Volume 1/Disputations 1-23 edited by Dolf te Velde, et al. Leiden: Brill, 2014. Pp. xv + 659. $154. 00/£95. 00The Synopsis Purioris Theologicae, popularly called the Leiden Synopsis, was originally published in 1625 not long after the Synod of Dort in 1618/1619. The Synopsis is a set of theological disputations given by four Reformed faculty members at Leiden University--French theologian Andre Rivet (1572-1651), Dutch theologian Johannes Polyander (1568-1646), Dutch theologian Antonius Thysius (1565-1640), and the eminent Dutch theologian Antonius Walaeus (1572-1639).

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The Paris Wife: A Novel Summary & Study Guide

"The Paris Wife," by Paula McLain, is the story of Hadley Richardson and Ernest Hemingway during the years between 1920 and 1927. The story begins in Chicago where Hadley had come to visit her friends Kate and Kelsey Smith (sister and brother) who had a large apartment and rented out rooms to friends. One of the friends staying there was budding writer Ernest Hemingway. Hadley was from St. Louis and made the trip to Chicago to get away from her life there. She had just lost her mother to a long-term illness and she was "stuck" living in the family home with her mean-spirited sister and her husband who had taken over the house.

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Carnal Innocence Reviews & Ratings - IMDb

Write review 17 out of 21 people found the following review useful: Author: highwaytourist from United States 21 August 2011 This southern Gothic wannabe was adapted from an original novel, but it's hopelessly derivative. I haven't read the book, but boy did I watch the movie. It's so filled with clichés and stereotypes, at times it played like a "Airplane" style comedy. It takes place in a town called Innocence. How ironic! I especially enjoyed hearing the actors slip in and out of their bogus, Honey Chile southern accents.

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The Selection Summary

America Singer is an average sixteen-year-old girl—or as average as you can be in the country of Illéa, which was formed out of the remnants of the United States following World War III. Yep, you read that right: World War III. NBD. Illéa has a numeric caste system that ranges from One to Eight: America and her family are Fives, which means that (a) they're pretty poor, and (b) they're required by law to be artists or musicians, even if they're no good at it or want to be something else. Unsurprisingly, not everyone loves this system, and there are several rebel groups trying to overthrow the government.

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Match Point Movie Review & Film Summary (2006)

One reason for the fascination of Woody Allen's "Match Point" is that each and every character is rotten. This is a thriller not about good versus evil, but about various species of evil engaged in a struggle for survival of the fittest -- or, as the movie makes clear, the luckiest. "I'd rather be lucky than good," Chris, the tennis pro from Ireland, tells us as the movie opens, and we see a tennis ball striking the net - it is pure luck which side it falls on. Chris' own good fortune depends on just such a lucky toss of a coin.

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Beloved Movie Review & Film Summary (1998)

The film tells the story of Sethe (Oprah Winfrey), who was a slave on a Kentucky plantation in the days before the Civil War. Now Sethe is free, and lives in a frame house on a few acres on the outskirts of Cincinnati--”124 Bluestone Road,” the film informs us, as if it would be an ordinary house if it were not for the poltergeist that haunts it. When Paul D (Danny Glover), who knew her years ago in Kentucky, enters the house, the air glows red and the walls and floor shake violently; the spirit resents this visitor. AdvertisementBut Paul D remains, and seems to quiet the poltergeist.

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The Voysey Inheritance, National, London

Every 20 years or so we rediscover Harley Granville Barker's astonishing play. Following revivals at the Royal Court in 1965 and the National itself in 1989, we now have Peter Gill's excellent production which proves that the play is more than a topical assault on financial fraud: it is also a comprehensive attack on Edwardian England. Like Ibsen's Ghosts, it is a play about a poisoned inheritance. Edward Voysey discovers that his solicitor father has been speculating with his clients' capital; and that his father himself was the inheritor of a fraudulent business.

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Sweet Charity

Have you ever known a girl who wanted something so badly that she tried too hard to get it? Meet Sweet Charity, the girl who wants to be loved so much that she has lost sight of who she is. Charity sings, dances, laughs and cries her way through romances with the “animal magnetism” hero, the “ultra-chic continental” hero, and the “impossible-to believe-but-he’s-better than nothing” type hero. Her world is the all too real world of Times Square, and the people who pass through her world are as deceptively charming a group as ever swept across any stage.

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Pride Movie Review & Film Summary (2014) | Roger Ebert

“Pride” wears on its sleeve the desire to make its audience stand up and cheer. It is willing to occasionally plumb the depths of familiar formula to achieve its goal. Here is a true story that could have been played as straight drama, yet the filmmakers opted for a lighter approach to capture hearts and minds. The Brits do this type of crowd-pleaser far better than Hollywood, if only because films like “The Full Monty” and “Billy Elliot” were unafraid to temper sweetness with darker elements of reality. The characters in “Pride” may exist in a frothy cinematic contraption, but all is not sunshine and roses.

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New ‘Captain America: Civil War’ Synopsis Splits the Avengers

Thanks to the source material, trailers and cast and director interviews, we already know what causes the divide between the Avengers inCaptain America: Civil War. Marvel has released a new official synopsis that’s a bit more informative than the previous description, teasing Tony Stark’s “surprising decision,” though it seems like Steve Rogers is the one who’s subverting our expectations. Hisnameis Captain America — it’s right there in his superhero title, which is what makes theCivil Warstory so interesting. The guy with the patriotic name is the one fighting against our (fictional) government! Meanwhile, the billionaire weapons expert is doing about what you’d expect from the 1 percent by siding with General Ross.

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