Jack the Giant Slayer Movie Review Summary

'Jack The Giant Slayer is an entertaining adventure. It is director by Bryan Singer. Jack has no royal blood. A farmer with a small cottage. Long ago a king invented beans of great sky touching tree to find God. But instead it found giants and war between men and giants occurred. Men won, cut down the tree and the king built a crown to control the giants. In present day of the movie, a monk stole some beans of that tree. In his escape he gave Jack to protect it and later captured by the king's army. Jack took those beans with him knowing nothing about it. The beans must not be wet. Otherwise the tree will rise and create a bridge to the giants territory where they have been waiting till now. Jack fall in love with the princess. When at night princess came to his cottage, one of those beans fell and get wet. So, the unfortunate event started. The tree started to rise.

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It touched the sky with the cottage and the princess. Kings men and Jack went to rescue her and found themselves with the giants. Later the giants came down to destroy the kingdom and Jack saved them all wearing that legendary crown which will make him the next king.

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Best part of story, including ending: I like the story. Giants have been waiting for the bridge to come down on Earth to destroy peace. A mixture of fantasy and science fiction.

Best scene in story: At the last of the movie, when the leader giant intended to eat the princess alive and Jack threw a bean into his mouth. A great tree appeared and raised through the giants body tearing him apart.

Opinion about the main character: Jack doesn't have any royal blood in him. But the crown waits for him, a true leader who will save the kingdom from the giants. His character inspires to do great things.

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